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About Us
Established in 1995, Meridian Diversified is a Malaysian owned company that specializes in designing, developing, and implementing business application software for the financial and banking industry. Driven by highly qualified, motivated, and experienced professionals who have banking and Information Technology background, Meridian Diversified is committed to deliver the best solution in all financial and banking needs. Its DanaManager product suites provide financial institutions and corporate organizations the most comprehensive world class business tool that can be customized to fit into any management style and satisfy all needs. Every product designed by Meridian Diversified is compatible across all platforms and is ready to be scaled and expanded to meet new demands in the future.
“We tailor IT to your needs”…
…is the company’s motto. At Meridian Diversified, we will go to extreme lengths to ensure your way of doing business remain unchanged while providing you fully functional and complete financial & banking applications. We have experienced experts to help you ‘tailor’ our systems to your exact requirements. Our products are designed with a unique architecture and special features so that they can be scaled, adapted, and most importantly, customized quickly and efficiently. Let our systems acclimatize to your company, and not vice versa.
Mission & Objective
Our mission is to offer a practical and fully operational customized solution to our customers by utilizing our comprehensive ready based system while maintaining the customer business culture and processes. Our objective is to establish total customer satisfaction via offering of a customized system which accommodate specific customer needs and unique business culture, therefore ensure continuous good customer-vendor relationship and positive customer referral for the company future opportunity.
The force behind our mission and objective is our experience in the various successful systems implementation, our in-depth banking and IT knowledge, our proven system development initiatives, our practical implementation methodology, and last but not least, our committed staff. All Meridian employees are highly experienced professionals with deep involvement in financial, banking, and IT industries since the early 80s. Veterans in multinational companies, operating in a global scale is like a second nature. We work as a family more than as a team because all personnel in the company are key players and each owns preference share of the company. With a skillful managing director – who is also the principal share holder of the company – to lead this family of experts, Meridian Diversified is fully ready to make sure its clients meet with the right people in the business.
Business Partners

Meridian Diversified has Business Partners that can provide additional technical expertise, allowing us to give complementary quality solution to our clients. We also act as a 3rd party software consultant, bringing the best business solution in the world closer to you. To date, we are partners with:
  • IPS Sendero – a US company that provides Asset/Liability and Risk Management solution.
  • MatrixView – a Document Management System company specializing in high Data Compression technology.
  • Trygyn Technology – an Indian ICT company who collaborate with us in telecommunication infrastructure technology.

Industry Contacts

Meridian Diversified keeps in touch with many companies in the financial and banking industry who continuously update us on new policies or banking activities. They also help our research and development teams to keep our products meet new demands. We therefore always keep open ears on the industry and respond promptly to changes. We also update ourselves via seminar and training from time to time.

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